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I got the cancer

Mom got the call from my doctor’s office with my lab results.  They said I got the cancer just like the vet told mom earlier.  Here is a cool x-ray of my belly.

X-ray from the vet

The tumor gets in the way.

The new pills are supposed to help.  Mom said if everyone would say some prayers for me that would help too.  Thanks for all your letters of support.

Live long and pawsper,


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I have to wait for old people pills and Dad gets mad

Here’s what happened when my mom went to pickup my new pills.  The lady said they didn’t have any and my pills would be at the store the next day.  So I didn’t get any good medicine that day and I was still feeling loopy and having a hard time sleeping.  She called at noon the next day and they told her that it would be ready in an hour.  I was really feeling bad by then and Mom told Dad that I might be having withdrawroles because I haven’t had any of my dog medicine for two days. 

Mom goes back to the pill store and had to wait a long time.  They couldn’t find my new pills and they told her to come back again the next day.  Mom says she really wanted to scream at them like Shirley McLaine in Terms of Endearment but that getting mad was not going to help.  She told them no, they had to do something.  Then she pretended she was me when I’m trying to pee and made a sad face.  The nice pharmacist took over and told her to wait while he split a big person’s pill in half for me.  When she got home she gave me one right away and now I feel way better.

Dad was really mad when he found out what happened.  Really mad!  Mom said, “Look, things like this might happen a lot where we are moving.”   And that the people who adjust the best don’t let little things upset them.

Dad said that if he could live like a king and learn to talk the funny way they do at the secret location, he could learn patience.  And it’s one thing when it’s merely inconvenient, but when someone is in pain that is different and Mom said she agreed.

Live long and pawsper,


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Kobe goes to the Vet

Here is a picture of me when I got back from the vet.  Mom says I still look loopy and need to lay down.

Back from the vet

You should lay down dog, before you fall down.

Here is what happened.  If you don’t like medical stuff, don’t read anymore past this.  Anyway, I was having some trouble peeing (ask any 93 year old) so my mom wanted the vet to see what was wrong.  If you have ever been to the vet you know the first thing they do is weigh you – I lost a little weight and now I officially weigh 74.6 lbs.  Next they shove a little stick in your butt.  They do this every time I come here and I don’t like it.  Then me and mom have to wait while nice ladies come in and ask a lot of questions.  Then another nice lady comes in and says I need a catheter.   So they give me a shot and the two ladies that I thought were nice held me down and the other one shoves a long tube up my wanker.  I don’t remember what happened after that, but the next time my Dad yells at the Lakers, “Oh, they wankered it,” I’ll know what he means.

My mom blabbed to the vet about us moving to the secret place.  She says I have no consumbthingable diseases and that we will update my vaccinations when we get closer to leaving.  She also said that ancients don’t really need vaccinations any more because we have built up enough antibodies that we are probably immune by now.

Here is what the nice lady vet said was wrong with me.  She showed my mom an x-ray and she said I got a tumor in my bladder (that’s where your pee goes before you squirt it out.)   Anyway it’s so big now that it is starting to block the tube that goes to my wanker so I can’t pee very good.  The vet says we can’t operate (whew!), but that if I take some old people pills instead of my dog medicine it will dissolve the tumor.  I sure hope the animal doctors at the secret place know about people pills.  I kinda like my dog medicine because it tastes good, but my mom says we have to do what the vet tells us.

I should be better in no time.  I certainly hope so because I have a lot of pee-mail to catch up on.

Live long and pawsper,


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