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Hi, my name is Kobe.  Today is the last day of November.  Fifteen years ago this month I was born.  According to this website that means that I’m 93 in human years!  Oh, and they consider me geriatric.  Mom says that means I’m ancient and possess the wisdom of the aged.  All this time my Mom was saying I was older, but she went back and checked the date of the big earthquake in Kobe, Japan (because that’s where my name came from) and found out she was wrong.  She said, “Hey, you know what, you’re only 15.” 

I just found out that my owners are moving to a secret location, and I GETTA GO-O, yip, yip hooray!  Today we go to the vet to discuss my health and the schedule for getting my vaccinations.

So that’s it, as long as my vet signs some paper and my owners have enough money to pay my way, I GETTA GO-O.  Get this, they treat pets like cargo.  And when we finally get where we are going, my owners have to pay $600 to bail me out.  I sure hope they don’t find out I’m a celebrity and hold out for more money.

I’ll let you know what the vet says when we get back.

Live long and pawsper,


CORRECTION:  I’m afraid it’s not quite that simple.  The animal health certificate has to be notarized, legalized by the USDA, and certified by the (REDACTED) Consulate in San Francisco within 10 days of departure.

According to the instructions at the Embajada del (REDACTED) / Wasington (sic):

(sensitive content and links have been suspended)

Essentially, the (REDACTED) want us to pay an import tax of 25% on a 15-year old dog, and to make sure that they get it they want $600 up front or let him wait for 2 to3 days until they can figure out how much that would be.  If it’s less than $600 they will refund the remainder at some later date.

I sure hope they don’t find out that Kobe is the Poster Dog of Cuteness or we’ll never see any of that money back.



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