Dad says we still have to keep it a secret

December 6, 2009 at 2:50 am 1 comment

I first have to say thank you for all your concern.  I’m feeling so much better now and have finally been able to catch up on all my pee-mail. 

Mom is so happy that she wrote a letter to explain to everyone about our move but Dad says we have to wait to tell them.

Dad says the first thing everyone will ask is “have you ever been there?”  And then the next thing they will ask is “well, do you know anybody who lives there?”  So Dad, Mom and Dave are going to go down there and look around and I have to stay home with a babysitter.  (I think Mom is going to have to blab the secret to the babysitter.)  Dad wants to take a picture with Bob and Rox in the secret place (mom sent them an email and they wrote back with advice.)  Then when everyone reads the letter and see the pictures, they will know we are SERIOUS.

Bob and Rox have a dog named Coquita.  She is not even two years old so she might not know what to do when she meets me.  I remember when I met my first ancient.  He told mom he didn’t like me because I had no manners.  Mom said, “Remember how patient Buddy was when you were young and foolish and stole his food?”  I hope Coquita is nice because I don’t like bossy little dogs at all.  Mom says when we live in a place that is different from where we came we can’t be aggressive and that I was going to have to try to be patient just like the rest of the family.

She also says we can’t put up my fan page on Facebook either, because somebody might find out about the secret location.  I thought all this stuff was taken care of when I earned the title of Poster Dog of Cuteness.  I think someone is just making excuses.

Live long and pawsper,



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My Mom is SERIOUS, and my Dad is too Kobe is too macho

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