NO! You can’t teach our new dog these tricks.

Doggie tricks by Bliss 104.2.

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I love puppies

I love puppies

I love puppies

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Guilty Dog

Denver, the guilty dog has been all over the Internet, I can’t resist posting it here. Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks it’s funny because there was an alternate ending on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.

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How true…

The pet effect

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How much do you love your dog?

I’m not ready to talk about Kobe yet… but the Women of WOW are. Add your sentiments to How does your dog tell you he loves you?

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I love dogs, the sequel

King Charles Spaniel

Well the more we thought about what kind of dog we would like to get next, it seemed like we want more than one.

First a little King Charles Spaniel female. She could be our companion dog that goes to the restaurants like the other Cuenca dogs. Pretty and affectionate. With a little training, this would be the apartment dog.

Then for the beach we would like to get two Brittany dogs. Why two? Well, we will probably be away and these dogs would stay at the beach and not travel, so the two would keep each other company.

Smiling beach dog

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I love dogs

It’s a little tough for a dog owner of three decades to resist the temptation of another adoption. But that’s what has directed our options for the last few years and trying to sell a house and puppy train a dog would not work. So we fantasize about getting a new puppy and what breed we would like.

Brittany Puppy

Some due diligence here so our emotions don’t get the better of us: The Top 10 Pet Owner Mistakes.

A Brittany puppy would be the perfect dog to have at the beach. There would be lots of running space to train this high energy love puppy.

A little dog made for traveling and attracting affection, that describes the King Charles Spaniel. If we live in a condo this would be a good apartment dog.

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